ogólnie w Europie - 22-11-2014
Dry for most of Europe
Mild in west; chilly east

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 22nd November 2014
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Portugal becoming increasing wet

A band of heavy rain is expected to graze north-western Spain and Portugal on Saturday. However most of Spain is dry and bright, and feeling warm in the south. Fine too for the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia. Fair weather too for Italy and the Adriatic, with plenty of sunshine. Isolated showers for Greece, but plenty of sunshine is likely. Dry for western Turkey, but expect rain toward the east. Quite cloudy for France, but in brighter spells it will feel very warm. Patchy drizzle in north-west France. A lot of dry weather for central Europe, although cloud, mist and fog may persist, making it feel cool in Germany and the Czech Republic. Chilly in eastern Europe, with a few snow flurries in eastern Poland. Cloudy and damp in Denmark. Patchy rain arriving later in southern Norway. Most of Scandinavia is dry except for occasional snow flurries near the Baltic Sea and feeling cold.

Rain and thundery showers affect Portugal and north-west Spain on Sunday. A lot of cloud for Spain, and a few scattered showers. Dry for most of the Mediterranean, with sunshine for Italy and Greece. Patchy rain in Turkey. Cloudy but mild for most of France, and persistent rain will affect the far north-west. Cloudy too for the Low Countries, and the threat of rain near the North Sea coast. Dry and fairly mild for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, although some low level fog may persist. Cooler in eastern Europe, but generally dry. Rain moving north across Denmark into southern Scandinavia, leading to a wet day in southern Norway, turning to snow over the mountains. A little patchy rain and snow for Sweden, but the Baltic region is dry overall.

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